Amplify & Engage

Amplify and Engage CommitteeWhat do we do?

The Amplify & Engage committee is dedicated to amplifying and uplifting marginalized groups on Grounds. Through fundraisers, collaborations, and active involvement and communication with these groups, we aim to adapt our approaches to the specific needs of students to create more impactful programming and events.

Who are we?

Liam Whitted, Committee Chair

Warrenton, VA

What’s the first song on your go-to playlist?
Gashina by SUNMI


Taylor Mendoza

Eldersburg, MD
Economics & Commerce

What’s your favorite spot on Grounds?
Nau Hall

Max Nelson

Olney, MD
Economics & Statistics

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Bora Bora

LeTia Wilson

Charlottesville, VA
Youth and Social Innovation

What’s your zodiac sign?