CoSponsorship Policies

Second Year Council (SYC) stands by its commitment to support and uplift the members of the Class of 2022 and the larger University community. In doing so, we understand that monetary funds are often required to accomplish many initiatives pursued by student organizations. Nevertheless, in respect of the numerous co-sponsorship seeking bodies at the University, we adhere to the following policies in any co-sponsorship consideration:


  1. Co-sponsorships must be in association with atleast one of the following SYC Committees: Diversity, Academic & Career Development, Wellness, Community Outreach, Dinner Series, Social
  2. Co-sponsorships cannot be solely monetary-based
    1. A non-monetary component (event set-up/clean-up, volunteerism, etc,.) must be attached in order for a co-sponsorship to be approved
  3. Co-sponsorships must be requested a minimum of 10 days prior to the prospective event or initiative 
    1. The form request can be accessed here
  4. A written agreement between the leadership of the co-sponsorship seeking body and the respective SYC Committee Chair(s) must be submitted to Emma Sisk and Jayla Hart prior to the co-sponsorship approval
    1. The written statement should explicitly detail the desired amount and non-monetary component of the co-sponsorship
  5. SYC reserves the right to decline any co-sponsorship request