Executive Board

2020-2021 TYC Executive Board


Ryan Alcorn

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Foreign Affairs

Hi I am Ryan Alcorn and I am the President of Third Year Council. My duties include organizing and managing the council, turning student issues into initiatives, and developing relationships with various student groups to build a stronger sense of community across the Class of 2022!

Vice President

Jayla Hart

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Political Psychology, Minor: Global Studies in Education

Hello hello! I’m Jayla Hart (she/her/hers), the vice president for Third Year Council! I was raised in Las Vegas, NV and have loved calling Charlottesville my home for the last few years. Within TYC, I primarily oversee all our committees, working with our members to organize events that speak to the unique needs and wants of our class. I also disseminate important information to the larger student body to ensure we’re all being supported in whatever way is best for us. I aim to be as accessible as possible so never hesitate to reach out to me if you have a question, concern, or just want to someone to vibe with.

Publicity Chair

Caitlin Kreinheder

School of Architecture- Major: Pre-Professional Architecture, Minors: Studio Art & Social Entrepreneurship

Hi class of 2022! My name is Caitlin Kreinheder and when I am not in Charlottesville you can find me in Chesapeake, Virginia. While here at UVA you will most often find me in the A-School all hours of the day, in Alumni Hall, on the Lawn, at any UVA sporting event, or in my apartment in Bond (#ongroundshousingsquad). This is my third year on Class Council and every year I am more and grateful to have the opportunity to serve my class. You can find my handwriting on everything from LOTL graphics to class council merch and I’m the face behind our social media accounts! Feel free to say hi if you see me walking around grounds or if happen to make it to the A-School!


Abby Keatts


Amman Akram


Adina Mobin

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Foreign Affairs

Hi, I’m Addi!! I’m the Historian for TYC this year and I’m super excited to document all of the Council’s innovative ways in bringing the class of 22 together in these ~unprecedented times~ One event I’m looking forward to the most is the Third Year Ceremony!

Bonding Chair

Soumil Madhiwala

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Biology, Minor: Health & Well Being

Hi, I’m the Bonding Executive on Third Year Council. I help facilitate relations and create fun events for council members and help us become a tight knit community that strive to put out our best effort for you, the third year class. I plan on not only helping us become a better group of students, but a group of student leaders that will help make UVA incredible atmosphere for the class! At UVA, I am also involved as a Sports Medicine Volunteer, executive member for the Indian Student Association (ISA), and the community relations coordinator for Association for Indians Development (AID @ UVA)! I love UVA sports and you can always catch me at sporting events!


Third Year Ceremony  Co-Chairs

Chesley Strickler

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Biology

Hi, Class of 2022! I’m Chesley Strickler, co-chair of the Third Year Ceremony committee! Although I have found a second home in Charlottesville, I am from Lexington, Virginia. On grounds, I am majoring in biology and plan to attend dental school in the future. I have been on class council since my start at The University and have developed a strong appreciation for all of the student leadership and resources that class council provides for students. I am excited to continue this same passionate drive despite the unusual atmosphere that this semester will bring. As co-chair of 3YC, I strive to serve my class and hope to recognize every student’s accomplishments in a unique manner that will celebrate class unity. I am confident that regardless of how the 2020-2021 school year looks, we will rise and celebrate what we, as hoos, have worked so hard for!

Jenn Lin

College of Arts & Sciences- Majors: Biology & Art History

I definitely know I was a really shy person growing up and if you asked me even 3 years ago if I would imagine being a part of something like Class Council, the answer would have been a definitive no. Coming into UVA, getting started with Class Council was a happy accident due to my “try everything once” mentality. After first year, I’ve never looked back! Now 3 years later, I’ve experienced many different roles because of this organization and working as a Committee Chair this year, especially for an event like Third Year Ceremony, has really been rewarding. I’ve always thought being on council has made a large school like UVA a bit smaller, but I’ve come to realize, it’s also made the community a little smaller. Through partnering with local restaurants and reaching out to organizations, my role on TYC has helped me get acquainted with and reach corners of UVA that I didn’t think I’d get the chance to. It’s definitely helped me bridge a lot of my interests, such as collaborating with service organizations as one example, well as showed me what it’s like to try something new.

Diversity and Engagement Committee Chair

Liam Whitted

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Biology

Man, self-intros feel super weird for me I get awkward high school coming of age story vibes from them. Anyway, I’m Liam Whitted and I’m the Diversity & Engagement Chair for TYC. I was born in Hawaii and I’m half-Korean on my mom’s side. I’m in charge of the committee that handles the majority of advocacy, education, and cultural celebrations pertaining toward marginalized/underrepresented groups on Grounds. Side note I’m gonna stay away from “empower” and “uplift”-type vocabulary for this part because this is a blurb and not a college essay. Anyway, we do visibility campaigns, fundraisers, workshops, collaborations with cultural and/or activist groups on Grounds, plus more cutesy stuff like cultural movie nights and catered events with diverse foods (if there wasn’t a global pandemic raging ahaha) to promote diversity in the Third Year Class and University at large.

Social Committee Chair

Bevan Charles

My name is Bevan Charles and I’m from Chantilly, Virginia. I’ve been on FYC and SYC and am passionate about making everyone in our class feel welcome and safe on Grounds! I am the chair of the social committee and we are responsible for hosting class-wide events where the members of the class of 2022 are able to network and get to know new people. COVID-19 obviously presents a huge challenge to our committee, but we are still determined to put together some great events, even if many of them will need to have limited attendance or happen through Zoom.

Academic & Career Development Committee Chair

Casey Gottlieb

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Foreign Affairs, Minor: Public Policy & Leadership

My name is Casey Gottlieb, and I’m from Rye NY. On Grounds, I am involved in TYC, Chi Omega Sorority, Student Council, and Jewish Women’s Group. For the upcoming year, I am serving as TYC’s Chair for Academic and Career Development. Essentially, it’s my job to aid the class in their academic and career related endeavors. I will be launching various events to connect the class with the resources available to them, whether that is the Career Center or the UVA Alumni Association. Third year is a stressful time for students, and I’m here to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Community Outreach Committee Chair

Rithika Kormath Anand

School of Engineering & Applied Science- Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hello everybody! I am Rithika Kormath Anand and I am from Northern Virginia. I am a 3rd year student in SEAS pursuing biomedical engineering on the pre-med track, hoping to the change the lives of the people in our world for the better. Exploring Charlottesville allowed me to meet wonderful people, experience beautiful places, and learn the profound history and legacy of our community. My mission as the Chair of Community Outreach is to bridge the gap between UVA and Charlottesville by promoting unity and action, and create a powerful relationship between us and the community to build better world together. I would love to get to know the individuals in UVA and in the community, so reach out to me if you would like to collaborate or just connect!

Wellness Committee Chair

Joy Justice

College of Arts & Sciences- Major: Biology

My name is Joy, and I’m the incoming chair for the Wellness Committee! The Wellness committee is focused on promoting all aspects of health and wellness for the third year class and, by extension, the UVA community. Outside of class council, I’m involved in Medical Services volunteering, Student Council, and Pancakes for Parkinson’s. I also love lap swimming and reading fantasy novels!