With only three months to go until graduation, it’s the perfect time to make your class gift! Leave your mark by giving to the area that has meant the most to you in your time. In the same spirit of giving, make sure to show your gratitude by honoring your biggest supporter when you make your gift. And remember: if you make a $10 gift or more, you can pick up your graduation cord at Cap & Gown Week. Click the logo above to make your donation!

Honor A Supporter

Show gratitude for your biggest champion by honoring them when making your gift. How does it work? When you make your gift, make sure to fill out your honoree’s name and email. Then, at the start of graduation weekend, they’ll receive an email notifying them that you make your class gift in their honor and thanking them for their support.

NOTE: The email to your honoree will not include the area or amount of your gift.

Graduation Cord

A graduation cord comes in different styles and colors and is worn at graduation ceremonies to indicate honor, membership, etc. If you make your class gift of $10 or more, you’ll be able to pick up your cord during Cap and Gown Week (Feb 21-25).